Special Cables

World demand for industrial cables has changed over recent years:

  • Our customers continue to respond to the global economy;
  • Competition and deregulation require new technologies for new environment,
  • An ability to comply with diverse standards,
  • Precise requirements for customized services both in manufacturing and delivery.

From infrastructure, industry and building, Nexans produces "made to measure" cables requiring very close collaboration with its customers to manufacture exactly according to the industries demands.

300 / 500 V 
Approval Certificates VDE Reg N° 8787   Application In dry and moist rooms for light mechanical stresses. Outdoors only when protected. Not in water. Not for torsionable applications. As supply and interconnecting cable for measuring, controlling and regulating acc. to DIN VDE 0113. For computer units, control equipments on machine tools assembly lines, conveyors and production lines for controlling, regulating and monotoring work processes, industrial plants and production lines when temporarily freely moved and no periodic recurrence without forced guidance. Cross sections above 10 mm² are energy supply cable for fixed installations on machine tools in production lines. This product is also part of our Windlink® offer dedicated to wind turbines.   Design Conductor: Copper bare stranded, VDE 0295 Class 5 Insulation :PVC Type YI 2 (Polyvinyl chloride) Outer sheath :PVC Type YM 2 (Polyvinyl chloride), colour grey, ...